Dr. Alan Leslie, acting chairman of ISHS, checking cultivar registration materials for Osmanthus

  Prof. Xiang qi-bai meeting Dr. Jim Gardiner, president  of Wisley Garden


  Prof. Xiang Qi-bai discussing with Mr. David Rae, Mr.  John Mitchell in Edinburgh Botanical Garden


  Prof. Xiang Qi-bai identificating specimens of  Osmanthus in Hiller Arboretum


 Prof. Xiang Qi-bai discussing Osmanthus with Prof. Peter Green, specialist in world Osmanthus species


Abstract of the visiting report in the UK

 Invited by International Commission for the Nomenclature of Cultivated Plants, Prof. Xiang Qi-bai, with his team members, visited the horticultural societies and botanical gardens of England in May 2004. The commission of this team was to applied for International Cultivar Registration Authority for Osmanthus. Dr. Alan Leslie, acting chairman of ISHS, gave a high praise for the works in this field, such as large quantities works on Osmanthus, illustrations of Cultivars for Sweet Osmanthus in China , Checklist for Species and Cultivars of Osmanthus and so on. Dr. Alan Leslie thought that these achievements had reached a quite high level and all the treatments for Osmanthus were strictly abided by present International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants. The research team led by Prof. Xiang surely have the qualification to be International Cultivar Registration Authority for Osmanthus.


Registration procedure

Research base


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